HAPPINESS should be sought,
fate should be written
and life should be enjoyed.

The priest's morsel

Dedication, Passion

About Us

Passion, Wellness, Search.

These are the key words that perfectly describe Il Boccone del Prete for special occasions with couples, family or friends.

Our specialties

Traditional Bolognese fried food is our workhorse. 

Vegetables, parmesan cheese, mortadella covered in a light batter.

Skewers, breaded meatballs and our version of schnitzel, and to finish in sweetness cream and apple.

Fresh homemade pasta dishes.

A fusion of Bolognese cuisine and ingredients used in the Lucanian tradition.

Coalvi-certified Fassona Piemontese meat from the Scaglia butcher shop.

Fiorentina steak, rib eye, grilled cuts, and tartare.

A golden loin cutlet loaded with Parmesan cheese and cured ham.

The menu in continuous study and processing according to seasonality.

Finally, strictly homemade desserts including the beloved Bon Bon.


Possibility of organizing tasting menus for celebrations and special events.

We will manage to satisfy all kinds of needs, combining different tastes and palates with culinary proposals of excellence.

Ad hoc studied wine trails, with the perfect goblet to match each course.

Magical place

The priest's morsel

The priest's morsel

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Give the gift of dinner

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Let your passion for food and wine guide you, relax and enjoy the scenery.... We'll take care of delighting your palate!


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Il Boccone del Prete - Ristorazione Bolognese S.r.l

Via Siepelunga 56/4 - 40141 Bologna
Phone: +39 051780038
Email: info@ilbocconedelprete.it
P.IVA 02676901206


Tuesday at Sunday


12:30 - 14:30

19:30 - 22:30


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