Do you want to organize an extraordinary event?

Boccone del Prete has been organizing events for fifteen years, our aim is to give memories and emotions in the hearts and minds of guests 

It will be a spectacular event,

everyone will talk about it,

Everyone will want to relive it.

The Priest's Mouthpiece can help you create a unique and unforgettable event, we will give you the utmost support to organize every detail.

We arrange your catering at trade shows, corporate events and meetings.

Here is what you will receive:


You can have a catering service dedicated to the type of event according to your needs.

Custom tailored for you and your guests.


Staff at your disposal ready to fulfill every request.

Wine list

Compose your wine list together with the advice of our sommelier, 280 labels at your disposal even in large sizes.

Designer outfitting

Modern design setup, carefully chosen according to the type of event.

Floral arrangement

Flowers are always beautiful. 

Make your event even more distinctive with a floral arrangement.


The chef will design a dedicated menu, use his skills and experience to create dishes and compose lasting memories.

Custom cake

Choose the type of cake, we will customize it for you according to the event.  

Photos and Videos

Do you want photos or video to keep a memory? 

Request the photo shoot, we will recommend our professional photographers.

Entertainment & DJ

We will put you in touch with DJs and musicians, choose your favorite playlist and music genre, and they will take care of livening up the party.

Mise en place

Classic, modern or versatile fixtures, choose the mise en place as well.

"One of the most beautiful things in life is the way we have to regularly stop everything we are doing and devote our attention to food."

_Luciano Pavarotti_

Some of our events