Make your wedding an unforgettable day for you and your guests

Wedding planning has always been so complicated.

The search for the location, the catering, the dress, the invitations, the flowers, and a thousand other things.

You want everything to be perfect, you can't afford to forget a single thing otherwise it would be a disaster.

But don't worry, we have a solution designed for you that allows you to imagine your wonderful wedding right away, and you won't have to think about anything.

Savatore & Isabelle

Here is what you will receive:


You have the option to choose a menu from those we have already designed or customize it, according to your tastes and needs, in all this you will be accompanied by our experience so as to take into consideration those who have special requests or allergies.

Event organization

The wedding is the once-in-a-lifetime occasion so it is very important to time management of the setup, coordinate not only the food releases but also with the photographer so he can capture the most important and exciting moments of your big day.

Unique set-up

Every wedding is a new experience, with the help of experts who have been working with us for decades we help you build the visual, olfactory and sensorial effects that will make that day a memory in the memory of everyone present.

Kitchen designed

Traditional dishes that open the memories of even the less young but with a touch of innovation to surprise the taste buds and sensations of those seeking an explosion of flavors

Quality of raw materials

We select the best meats (Az. Scaglia) and fish through our obsessive search for quality and taste, remembering the importance of seasonality and sustainability of products.

Accurate service

You will find one waiter for every 12 guests, so he or she can listen to your and your guests' requests, and the service will not only be fast but at the same time, the wine and dishes will never be lacking.

In other words, together we will build one of the best days of your life to be told to future generations and you can relive every time you see a photo or video of your wedding.

The study and choice of products are our workhorses, arranging the smallest details, from the flowers on the table to the color of napkins to the combination of tastes and flavors so as to build unique emotions increase the value of every second spent together.

All you have to do is click on the button below, and book a cognitive appointment with us 

Also with us you can have:


Large green space, to breathe fresh, pure air

Breathtaking views, we break the monorony of the city with one of the most unique and extraordinary views of our beautiful Emilia Romagna.

Indoor and outdoor hall, with us the weather is morepaura, as a song says "the sky is always bluer"

Parking, ample parking so your guests won't have to sweat looking for a spot.

Convenience in reaching us, although we are in the hills, we are only 15 minutes from the city center and highway.

Fireworks, with us you can also have a surprise effect for your guests by coloring the sky with pyrotechnic effects.

Please note, we receive numerous requests every year, you may find your chosen date busy, so think ahead and contact us

Want to experience a small example of the big day?

We are waiting for you to get a taste of the wonderful experience you will find on your wedding day, and you will discover how we study the quantities, the execution of the service, and the quality of each course.

So recapitulate with us and you will be able to plan your wedding with the right timing, taste our traditional cuisine revamped with the finest products, enjoy a good wine while looking at the wonders that the hills of Bologna give us.

Unique features of our location, your wedding day will be an explosion of emotions.